Back strengthening exercises

It is fine to try and develop that desired “V” shaped back, but every once and awhile, it is important to try new things.

If you have a set of dumbbells and a battle rope, you are ready to begin. By using rubber ropes you will avoid the need to use expensive gym equipment and this will allow you to reach different angles on your back, at the same time improving your balance. This will get your heart beat pumping and you will work your whole body in a short period of time.

You won’t be using the battle rope in the typical fashion with this exercise. It will simply be used as a rope to drag one giant weight to one end of your gym to the other. Begin by tying one end of the battle rope to a weight. If you have access to a sled, that is the best way of going about this workout, now place the weight on the sled. Now if you don’t have a sled you can use a 45-pound plate weight with a hole in the middle, and tie a knot in it. You can also use a kettle ball.


Use a moderate load, maybe 40 to 50 pounds, less than what you would normally do on a lateral pull-down machine. Do two sets of each move before moving on to the following. (If you are using a shorter battle rope, you might want to do three sets.)


Set your lats, biceps and abs on fire by using the free end of the rope and then going into high plank position. Holding the rope in your right hand and pull the weight towards you until almost touching you. Grab the weight and walk it around with you, taking your time, as this will be your only rest in this set. Repeat with your other arm. Do two sets for each arm.


Using the same weight as the exercise mentioned above, kneel on your right knee and pull the rope towards you with your right-hand. If necessary, you can use your left hand to steady the rope while pulling. Repeat this for two sets for each arm. Try and keep your chest out and up as you pull.


Finish your workout by lying on your back and pulling the rope towards you, by using a hand over hand technique. Repeat two sets.

These three simple exercises will help you to have a stronger and more toned back. If you follow a healthy diet you will ripped in no time.

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