Is it harmful to wear make-up every day?

In the morning, before going to work, you put on make-up. On weekends, you try to enhance your looks for a party. The next day, you are to be maid of honor at a daytime wedding and need to look sharp in every detail. We might not even notice, but we spend a more time wearing make-up than we think. The question is: is it harmful?

Cares with make-up

Knowing if the make-up shall be harmful starts as soon as you buy the products. Each skin is unique, and therefore each requires specific products. A basic make-up kit with the right items is the best way to start and ensure that your face will remain healthy and well preserved, but knowing how to remove the make-up at the end of the day is essential, too.

One of the biggest mistakes any woman can make regarding this is going to bed still wearing make-up. Sleeping through the night without removing the products will make your pores get clogged up and won’t allow your skin to “breath” correctly. With time (and it won’t take long!), the epidermis loses its consistency, shining and become oilier, risking even precocious aging.

The cleaning process should be taken as serious as the preparation and applying of make-up themselves. If you spend time and money gathering items for the perfect kit, picking the best brushes, concealers, foundation (from the most light one to the heaviest Dermacol to conceal imperfections on the skins, scars and more), shades, powder, mascara, eye pencil, blush and lipstick, you must do the same when removing these products!

Is it harmful to sleep wearing make-up?

Imagine your’re getting home from a party, exhausted and sleepy. The will is just take off your high-heel shoes and throw yourself on the bed, right? But know that that temptation is one that we must resist with all your strengths, because it can cause unwanted mid-term consequences. Sleeping with make-up on causes a lot of problems: allergies, pimples, irritation of the eyes and other complications.

Dermatologists say that 12 hours is the maximum amount of time you should be wearing make-up. Anything more than that will be over the top and can cause clogging of the pores and bringing you those harmful consequences we just spoke about. Remember: a well-done make-up requires dedication and investment, and the same goes for cleaning the skin and having a good night of sleep with your face clean and protected!

Cleaning step-by-step

First of all, make sure you buy a good make-up remover when shopping for make-up products. The ideal scenario is having one good make-up remover for your face and another, specific one, for your eyes (pencil, eyeliner, mascara and shades require special cares, since these products are strong and demand more effort and attention when being removed). The best make-up remover is that one that won’t leave traces or remnants on your skin.

Start with the eyes. Put the make-up remover on a piece of cotton and use the product with smoothness, taking care for not irritate or bring remnants towards the eyes. Be patient and repeat the procedure until you fell your face is remnant-free and clean. After that, pick an unused piece of cotton and use the make-up remover likewise on the rest of your face, stopping when you feel everything is clean.

Lastly, wash your face with water and soap (use the more indicated for your type of skin). Dry it up and then use some tonic, in order to balance the skin ph. If you use creams, it must be the last thing to go on your face. There you go! You got everything you need to shine during the daytime and recover safe and sound at night.

wear make-up every day

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